LF Projects, LLC Policies

LF Projects, LLC is a Delaware series limited liability company (“LF Projects”). Projects of LF Projects (“Projects”) are established as separate ‘series’ of LF Projects.

In addition to compliance with the applicable governance documents of each Project, all participants in any Project much comply with the following policies of LF Projects:

These policies may be amended and new policies may be established by LF Projects by publishing such amended or new policy on the LF Projects’s web site. Any such amended or new policy is effective thirty- (30-) days following publication on LF Project’s web site, with the exception of any amendment of the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or the Trademark Policy, which is effective upon publication on LF Project’s web site. If you have a general question about any policy, please feel free to reach out to the Manager of LF Projects at manager@lfprojects.org. For specific questions surrounding legal interpretation and compliance with any of these policies, please consult with your legal counsel.

Contact Information

LF Projects, LLC
3500 South DuPont Highway
Suite AA-101
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: 302-531-1139
Fax: 302-531-1141
Email: manager@lfprojects.org