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General Rules of Operation Policy

Effective: April 9, 2022

The following General Rules of Operation Policy applies to all projects established as series of LF Projects, LLC (any such project, the “Project”). 

  1. Legal Status. The Project has been established as a series of LF Projects, LLC and is subject to the applicable Series Agreement for the Project, the form of which can be found here.
  2. General Rules and Operations
    1. The Project will:
      1. engage in the work of the Project in a professional manner consistent with maintaining a cohesive community, while also maintaining the goodwill and esteem of LF Projects, its affiliates and other partner organizations in the open source community; and
      2. respect the rights of all trademark owners, including any branding and trademark usage guidelines.
    2. All contributors, maintainers and other Project participants (collectively, “Collaborators”) must allow open participation from any individual or organization meeting the requirements for contributing under the governance documents or policies of the Project, regardless of competitive interests. Put another way, the Project community must not seek to exclude any participant based on any criteria, requirement, or reason other than those that are reasonable and applied on a non-discriminatory basis to all Collaborators in the Project community.
    3. The Project will operate in a transparent, open, collaborative, and ethical manner at all times. The output of all Project discussions, proposals, timelines, decisions, and status should be made open and easily visible to all. Any potential violations of this requirement should be reported immediately to the Series Manager. Under no circumstances will LF Projects be expected or required to undertake any action on behalf of the Project that is inconsistent with the tax-exempt status or purpose, as applicable, of LF Projects, LLC or of any of its affiliates.
  3. Trademarks
    1. LF Projects will hold title to all trade or service marks developed and specifically used for the Project (“Project Trademarks”), whether based on common law or registered rights.  Project Trademarks will be transferred and assigned to LF Projects to manage on behalf of the Project. Any use of any Project Trademarks by Collaborators in the Project will (a) either be (i) in a way that constitutes fair use or (ii) in accordance with the license from LF Projects to the Project and LF Projects’ trademark usage guidelines and (b) inure to the benefit of LF Projects.  
    2. The Project will, as permitted and in accordance with such license from LF Projects, develop and own all Project GitHub (or other repository) and social media accounts, and domain name registrations created by the Project community.