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Hosted Project Tools – Immutable Record notice

Version 1.0, last updated: February 21, 2023

Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Hosted Project Tools Terms of Use for LF Projects, LLC (the “Provider”), available at (the “Agreement”).


Some Hosted Project Tools’ data stores are designed to be immutable and not to allow deletion of data (each, an “Immutable Record”) as a contractual agreement or attestation, and under the terms of the Agreement.

Some jurisdictions require that data subjects be able to, in many cases, have the option to obtain deletion of data about them.

Therefore, the operation of an Immutable Record requires a careful balance between (1) on the one hand, respecting the rights and freedoms of individuals as to their own personal data; and (2) on the other hand, enabling projects acting in the public interest and for the improvement of software security, integrity and distribution, to host and make available limited amounts of personal data in an Immutable Record where its immutable nature is an essential characteristic of establishment of contractual commitments, public attestations, and ultimately, ensuring security of the system.


As such, the Provider has adopted the following policy requirements and notices regarding your submission of personal data to an Immutable Record:

Personal data about other individuals: You MAY NOT include any personal data about an individual other than yourself in a submission to an Immutable Record.

Personal data about yourself: By including any personal data about yourself in a submission to an Immutable Record, you acknowledge that:

  • the Immutable Record is designed to be immutable and not to allow deletion of data, including your submission, and its immutable nature is essential to its primary purpose;
  • the Immutable Record may be public and your submission (including all personal data you submit with it) is maintained indefinitely and may be redistributed consistent with the Project’s policies or the open source license(s) involved;
  • the retention and (where applicable) manifestly public availability of your submission, in light of the context of your participation in the Immutable Record and the limited information collected, do not outweigh your fundamental rights and freedoms as to the use of your personal data;
  • personal data you submit to an Immutable Record is additionally processed (1) in order to fulfill the purposes for which the Hosted Project Tool is made available to you pursuant to the Agreement, and (2) for the purposes of operating the Hosted Project Tool and the Immutable Record in the public interest 
  • you are making your submission voluntarily, with full knowledge and understanding of the foregoing.

Minimization of personal data:

  • Project Communities are strongly encouraged to collect in an Immutable Record only the minimum amount of data necessary for the fulfillment of its core purpose. 
  • Project Communities may not collect in an Immutable Record, and you shall not submit to an Immutable Record, any highly sensitive personal information, including that which may constitute a “special category of personal data”, personal health information, or personal financial information under applicable laws.